Becoming A Google Boy Has Never Been Easier

I believe that the term ‘Google Boy’ hasn’t gone viral yet. It really should. I mean, there are Microsoft Men and Apple Boys. Maybe we should call the Google supporters the Google Techies, or Google Explorers ,or Googlies or simply Google Stuff Users. But because there is a site called GoogleFanBoy (GFB :D) I am going to stick with this name. I do dislike the contrast it creates to the Apple Cult(ure) though.

Now is being a GFB the same as being an Apple Fan-boy? Is the difference in the color of the phone the Fan-boys possess or is there more? The answer lies in this post and in your heart! Do GFBs use solely Android for mobile, Google Drive and Google Docs for cloud documents, Gmail for their daily mail digest, refrain from Bing (ok this was silly… nobody uses Bing) to find anything in the web, upload photos to Picasa, chat via Hangouts, dream about having enough money for the Google Glass and await the Google Wearables.


For starters, I do not consider myself a GFB… But maybe I should. By bugging people around me to leave Facebook due to their terrible post prioritization algorithm and other pro-Google activities I maybe should reconsider my own categorization. Recently I moved all of my content to some of the Google services. The reason was simple, someone is going to sell the data I make available to them. It is a solely a matter of personal preference, who am I going to give this data to. I must admit that I like the Google motto “Don’t be evil”. It is exactly what I want/expect from anyone who has as many personal data on me as social networks and similar have. When in doubt, always follow the money. One should ask: “Who am I going to make rich by giving him/her all this stuff?”

What is the advantage of having all this data at different providers. Having it on different sides. Giving money to different people. If I give all of it to one company, I want additional personal gains. Something that I would not get if the data would be scattered all around the net. And the thing I really really want is – personalized ads. I do not want to see just another mobile provider ad. I am happy with my current one. I do not want to see new bank saving products unless I am explicitly searching for them. This gets even worse with banks I do not trust and baking institutions I do not know. I do not want to see new slim fit weight loss products. And there btw is no way I will ever want to see those. You can surely come up with tons of examples yourself.. Cars, Realities, Hazard, Alcohol, Shoes, Bags, Green stuff, Gaming and other categories that I care so little about that they did not pop up even after minutes of brainstorming…

bullseyeSo how do you get rid of all those annoying ads besides installing an Ad Blocker. You need one for your browser, one for every free application on your phone, one for your email, one for your home letterbox… Now what you actually can do effectively is giving the big players in the Ad Business enough knowledge to bother you with relevant content. Someone has that knowledge anyways, so why bother with hiding it from anyone else… I would much rather see Ads that I am happy about. That make me want to buy the thing. I want to be enthusiastic when I see an ad. I wish to be like “Hell yes, this thing is awesome, why did I not buy it sooner?” And yes, it is possible to be happy about seeing ads, we just never really experienced if before. Those pesky ads from based on your browsing for a trip to Paris a few weeks ago. Don’t gimme hotels I’ve already seen. Gimme better stays at the same location and we would be talking business. Imagine that the content would really be relevant. For example, I am OK with ads for new tech products, frameworks or goodies. I am even OK with cheap flights to interesting destinations in Asia. But that is me, you probably wouldn’t bother.

So one day, I started sorting companies that have my data and picking sides. And I found out a funny but depressive fact. Google is always better.




Facebook vs Google+

G+ was empty for a very long time and it is becoming relevant only because Google forces us to use it by means of Youtube. First, by adding people to my circles, my Android phone will show their G+ photos on every relevant location. Because I can recognize these much faster than I can recognize a written name (I never know if I used the nick or the real name) I can scroll through my contacts and messages much faster. goodvsevil

Second, as mentioned above, I hate the Facebook algorithm. I added people because I want to see what they shared. I did not add them for Facebook to decide that I do not care about them anyways. I am the one who decides. Not some statistics guru in California.

Third, mixing payed adds with the standard newsfeed? Without highlighting them as such? That is Evil Facebook! Fourth, 1/3 of the width of the screen is reserved for nothing and pesky ads. Currently Facebook offers me deals with Singles In My Area and Weigh Loss Butter. Just don’t… The verdict being Google 1 : Facebook -15

Facebook Chat vs Google Hangouts

We all know that both companies are scanning your chat. You could believe in WhatsApp before it got sold to Facebook. Or you can use Skype that belongs to Microsoft… But don’t tell me that your mobile provider is not scanning your regular text messages (SMS). Besides being paranoid and starting to chat to everyone via ChatSecure all of those services are equal. I basically want to be able to chat to anyone I have in my contact list, without them or me being forced to install any additional app and set up any additional account. I have enough of those. So it is down to Facebook vs Google again as both are constantly online and give users a wide range of people to contact conveniently. Both allow you to chat from phone and from desktop having all messages on both devices. Or rather having access to Facebook or Google servers that have your messages 😉

Contacts in general

By syncing my Android contacts with Gmail, G+ and other mail clients I can easily get rid of duplicates. Not only name duplicates but email duplicates as well. I can easily merge different email addresses to one contact because someone was so nice and listed them all on G+. What is a real deal breaker is having contacts pictures from G+ without having to assign them. Syncing between devices becomes extremely trivial. You just update one of your contacts anywhere and all services and devices get automatically updated. No complicated merging anymore. I do admit that all of this could be done sooner by installing applications from companies you did not know and by sending your private to them. Verdict being Google 1: Someone-who’s-app-I-would-install 0

Google Mail (Gmail) vs Anything Else

Now, this is the most awesome thingspamvsbacon that Google has produced. Like ever. Besides the search engine. But if there would be no search engine we would have no way of finding out what happened to the search engine ;). The old Gmail was extremely nerdy. Its design was even worse than any page I hacked together in HTML 10 years ago. I have to admit that is a good feeling that a company as big as Google has as much design feeling as I do. The new Gmail introduced last year on the other hand has a clear advantage. The Tabbed Mail is exactly what I was trying to achieve with filters and aliases for years. As for now, I forward all my mail to Gmail and let it do the work for me. I never was able to make the filters smart enough to filter out promotions from companies that were in no filter. Something always got through… Bacon mail (spam you signed up for) from services I no longer use is polluting my email… Even though I wish to see mail digests from newsgroups, I do not want my phone to ding every time one of those arrives. Guess what? Email that does not belong to the Primary Tab does not ding! Verdict: Hand-written-filters 0 : Google Mail 1337

Dropbox vs Google Drive

Dropbox has always been my favorite. They are such a great company with many innovative ideas. I like their app and their overall application design. It would be a shame if such talented developers would go under against someone who has 1000 times their resources. But Dropbox gives me 2GB space per default. Google Drive gives me 30GB. I use both services primarily for documents but 2GB is just too little. To upgrade to the next higher capacity (that I would need now), I would have to pay 100$ yearly. Both services can of course be upgraded for free via other products on the web that offer cloud space as part of the deal. Verdict being: Unresolved!

Google Cloud Platform vs Amazon Web Services

Google slashed the prices of the Cloud Services by 85% last month. Amazon reacted by doing the same. Besides sharing this trivial knowledge with you the Cloud is not as useful for a private user as the rest of the free deals. Comparing cloud hosts is therefore not in the scope of this post.

It seems to me, and admit that I might be wrong, that the services by Google are better in every aspect that I cared about when compared to the other providers. By moving my content to Google I not only got better service at each of them separately but also improved all of them due to their synergy. And all of them improve my Google Now. Even though I believe that Apple’s Siri is much more cuter, in the end Apple does not have enough information to make Siri as useful as Google Now is or will become. By having all the information in one place I get reminders of stuff that mentioned in my emails, chats, G+ posts or simply putting in into Gmail Calender. It’s like having a personal secretary that I hope won’t leak the content of her knowledge to the outside world.

To wrap up the idea. I do not trust completely any single service provider. Let it be Google, Facebook, Apple, Dropbox or Amazon. And anyone doing so is a fool. But having the stuff lying around in different hands makes it actually no better than having it all in one place and having additional synergy benefits. I do hope that Dropbox stays in the game though.

So, are you a Google Fanboy/Girl yet?

— To make you a bit more happy here is a picture of a happy cat. Internet loves happy cats.


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