HackerRank ‘Breaking The Records’ Solution

Short Problem Definition:

Maria plays college basketball and wants to go pro. Each season she maintains a record of her play. She tabulates the number of times she breaks her season record for most points and least points in a game. Points scored in the first game establish her record for the season, and she begins counting from there.


Breaking The Records


time complexity is O(N)

space complexity is O(1)


Just track the min and max.


import sys

def getRecord(s):
    min_ele = s[0]
    max_ele = s[0]
    min_cnt = 0
    max_cnt = 0
    for ele in s:
        if ele > max_ele:
            max_ele = ele
            max_cnt += 1
        if ele < min_ele:
            min_ele = ele
            min_cnt += 1
    return [max_cnt, min_cnt]
n = int(raw_input().strip())
s = map(int, raw_input().strip().split(' '))
result = getRecord(s)
print " ".join(map(str, result))

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