Hard Work Over the Holidays

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has subscribed to my blog and has been reading my posts.

I did not post during the last few weeks as I was on a much needed vacation in the beautiful country of Myanmar. If you ever wanted to get away from the internet, make this place your choice! Temples (and their music which you will start to hate), Buddhas (which you will count first and ignore afterwards), nowhere-else-to-be-found food (always with chicken) and floating gardens (floating food, how awesome is that!).

On my return I was contacted by Codility (whose challenges kinda became the main topic of my posts lately). As it happens, we, the bloggers, received a gift package (that made me more enthusiastic than it should). Yaaay! So here is the extremely bad photo I made today!


So, without much talk, I should say that I have put myself to the task of completing the Solutions page over the holidays. There is not much to do anyways (besides overeating and watching Die Hard and Home Alone). At the time of writing, there are eight unfinished tasks (mostly because I do not know how to solve them) and one hell of a lot of Challenges that need to be posted. In contract to the tasks, I already have some of those solved.

Happy coding everyone!

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