Thinking Big… Thinking TEDx

It’s been an exciting day, full of good speakers.

Nothing wraps the day up as a Entry Blog by a, up to this moment unknown, small girl talking almost in tears about the importance of TEDx to her personal progress.. She was not older than 15… People of her age are actually able to integrate all of the ideas into their cognitive tools-box. She said, that it is of the utter most importance to try. To make the human-hive, the planet a better place. As I might add, ‘Why doesn’t someone do something about it? Then, by the strike of sudden smartness You realize that You are that someone!’.

I do not attend TEDx Conferences to embark in a never-ending contact hunt or in search of great entrepreneurial idea boosts. Yet listening to people with such as different backgrounds and stories makes you wonder… Is really everything possible? Do I just tackle real world problems and solve them for myself, for the local community and ultimately, for everyone? Without postponement and hesitation?

One day of soaking idealism reverted me to the idea of doctoral studies. Can I go out, tackle a real world problem for big companies? With nothing but a great team of interdisciplinary colleagues and the support of great professors. Oh silly me! What an ideal world it would be. Yet, the silly me wondering, if we can make Black Rock City take place, why not my PhD?

If I was to choose the one idea that will wire itself to my brain, let it be the idea of solutions. It has long been known, but never occurred to me. Why are businesses successful? Why do they grow? I mean.. besides them making money. Because they solve a problem! Maybe realizing this now is really late. But it is never too late. If you find something missing in this new digital era. Something that you personally would use. And your friends as well. Well lad, I say! Then discuss and try! If need be, fail, recover and try again.

Should listening to TED talks, standing on the shoulder of giants leave but one mark. It shall be this: Do not be afraid to try. Do not be afraid to fail. Failing is good for progress. Do not be afraid to start and follow your passions. Because people did and they succeeded.

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