Ukraine and the Development of One’s Opinion

The recent situation in Europe should be watched by a keen and insightful eye by everyone. As of the time of writing this post, Russia has occupied its military bases in Crimea and the US has risen a finger saying ‘Bad Russia, you dare not touch our minions’. But every coin has two sides…

Russian Occupation

When this all started a few days ago, I instantly thought of 1968 (the Russian occupation of Czechoslovakia) and I was not the only one. Should we say that Ukraine 2014 is just another ring in the chain of Russian occupations (Hungary 1956, Cuba 1962, Czechoslovakia 1968, Afghanistan ’80, Ukraine 2014). But let us backtrack a bit. The demonstrations started on 21 November 2013 but until January 2014 no one batted an eye. Suddenly (among others) a cute girl on Youtube goes viral and everybody looses their minds. Or do they?  I feel great respect for everyone who is willing to go and stand against the tyranny of evil men. During this period I’ve tried to hear the opinions of other people. What I found out, was rather to be expected but still not very pleasing. No one actually knew what was going on… A few people have heard in their nationals news that there is a upheaval in the East, but the general answer was ‘Yeah, there is something going on in Ukraine, but I really have no idea what or why’. Independent of gender, race or even education people had no idea. So I started sharing key points on social media.


You know what happens when you change your profile picture on Facebook to the Ukrainian flag? Flame, spam and hate. ‘Send your likes and shares to Majdan, it will help.’  True it won’t. But you know what will? Sharing the information that something is happening. Educating the folk on the topic. Why? Because ignorance is bliss. And I made it my personal quest to bring people out of their comfort zone and start thinking. One picture nicely sums up the whole topic.

Dear EU

Now we are getting to the meat of the post. We as Europeans  love EuroUkraine. But what about the RusKraine? Ethnic Ukrainians made up 24% of the population in Crimea according to the 2001 census, compared with 58% Russians and 12% Tatars. So is Crimea, the center of the current dispute, EuroKrainian or RusKrainian? People need evil to be pointed out. They need to have a visible and clear target for their hate. Is Russia the bad guy for in Crimea? What about Kiev?

Do I still have your attention? Good! In my opinion? Let Russia defend its strategic bases. Let them protect the families of their armed forces. And you know what USA? Go home and let Ukraine solve their own problems.The people of Ukraine have elected thieves and morons for a pretty long time. Not that it would be specific for just Ukraine, but the other politicians do not usually have a galleon at their front door. The key difference to most European countries is that the country is too big and too ethnically diversified to agree on any single topic. But let them handle the situation themselves and do not start the Ukrainian war. Please, just don’t.

I encourage you, the enlightened reader to think why Ramage and Mount Whitney, the two US ship meant to protect US Sochi Athletes, have not left the seas after Sochi has ended. I encourage you to think how it all started in Yugoslavia, Irak, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Iran and Ukraine. Because you know what? Maybe next time people of your country will be supported in overthrowing the evil regime. And maybe, you have voted for the regime and maybe… just maybe… it is your home and nobody bats an eye.

Thanks for reading.

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