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Verbalize Your Thinking!

Solving new challenges can be hard. The harder it is, the more rewarding a solution feels. Sometimes, solutions written by other people work as a …
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Friend Circle Queries

Short Problem Definition: Link Friend Circle Queries Complexity: time complexity is O(n(logq+logn)) space complexity is O(N) Execution: This is a typical Union-find problem statement. The particular UF implementation I use does not …
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HackerRank ‘Game of Maximization’ Solution

Short Problem Definition: There are n piles of stones, where the ith pile has ai stones. You need to collect the maximum number of stones from these piles Link Stones Problem Complexity: time complexity is O(N) space …
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HackerRank ‘Simple Array Sum’ Solution

Short Problem Definition: Given an array of integers, find the sum of its elements. Link Simple Array Sum Complexity: time complexity is O(N) space complexity is O(1) Execution: Just sum it up. Solution: def simpleArraySum(ar): …
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How To Request A Missing Solution

If you need help with a challenge I have not posted, feel free to reach out via the Disqus comment system or the form below. If you fill out the form, I will reach out to you once I have posted the solution.

As a personal principle, I do not post solutions to ongoing challenges. It will get posted once the challenge is officially over.